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Bromides Powder
Bromide powder, boasting a purity of 99%, serves diverse purposes across industries. Common usages include photography, pharmaceuticals, and oil drilling. Its benefits lie in its effectiveness as an anticonvulsant, sedative, and corrosion inhibitor. In addition, it aids in photographic development, highlighting its versatility and importance in varied industrial processes.
Calcium Propionates
Calcium propionate, a white powder with 98.0% purity in technical grade, serves various purposes. In industrial grade, it is utilized in food and pharmaceutical usages, akin to sodium benzoate food grade, guaranteeing product preservation. For feed, it extends shelf life. It is imperative to store it away from moisture to maintain efficacy.
Chemical Supplies
Chemical supplies encompass various substances like Benzyl Chloride and Potassium Acetate, available in granule, liquid, or powder forms, typically white in color. These chemicals find application in pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. They're stored at room temperature to maintain stability and effectiveness in various processes and formulations.
Industrial Acid
Industrial acids like Benzoic Acid and Boric Acid are vital chemicals utilized in industrial usages. With a purity range of 95-99%, they are classified under inorganic acids, particularly beneficial in different industrial processes. Stored at room temperature, they serve as crucial components for manufacturing and chemical synthesis in industrial settings.
Nitrate Chemical
Nitrate chemicals, typically white in appearance, boast a purity of 99% and are stored in dry places. Widely applied in fertilizer production, the oil industry, explosives, water treatment, and feed additives, they play multifaceted roles in industrial processes, contributing to agriculture, energy, safety, and manufacturing sectors.

Industrial Chemicals
Industrial chemicals like Sodium Persulfate and Ethyl Acetate, classified as inorganic, play pivotal roles across pharmaceutical, fertilizer, oil, and textile industries. Come in liquid or powder form, typically white, they are utilized in varied processes including fertilizer production and heat treatment salt manufacturing, contributing significantly to industrial operations.
Phosphate, often white in color, is stored in dry places and utilized across industrial applications. Its versatility extends to rubber production, feed additives, and pharmaceutical formulations. As a crucial component, it contributes to enhancing product properties and serves various functions in industrial processes, ensuring efficiency and quality.
Sulphite Powder
Sulphite powder, specifically Sodium Sulphite, is an industrial-grade chemical stored at room temperature. Typically in powder form, it has extensive usage in industrial processes. Its role spans varied sectors, contributing to processes like water treatment, pulp and paper production, and textile manufacturing, reflecting its versatility and significance in industrial usages.

Sulphate in its technical grade form is a white crystalline substance with 98.0% purity, perfect for industrial usages. Stored in dry places, its benefits lie in its versatility, aiding industrial processes like fertilizer production, water treatment, and metal extraction, crucial for varied manufacturing operations.

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