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Industrial Chemicals

Purchase various kinds of top quality industrial chemicals in different quantities from us. Our variety include caustic potash flakes, ethyl acetate, potassium nitrate and more. These are present in detergents, soaps and fertilizers. Molten dyes, salts, photographic and pharmaceutical chemicals are also included in their common applications. In addition to this, industrial chemicals are ideal for processing varnishes, paints, perfumes, lacquers, cleaning mixtures etc. These formulations can also be used as a hardener, activators, and paints. Industrial solvents such as rayon, coatings and adhesives also have the offered products in them. These are used in pharmaceutical products for better functioning of nerves. 
Product Image (013145)

Caustic Potash Flakes

Price: 100 INR/Kit
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:1 Days
  • Type:Potash
  • CAS No:1310-58-3
  • Chemical Name:Caustic Potash
  • Purity:99.0 %
  • Other Names:Potassium Hydroxide
  • Form:Solid
  • Application:Textile Industry, Printing Industry, Oil Industry, Pharmaceutical, Industrial
  • Grade:Industrial Grade
Product Image (29153100)

Ethyle Acetate

Price: 130 INR/Kilograms
  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:1 Days
  • Application:paint ,Pharma
  • Classification:Inorganic Acids
  • Purity:99
  • CAS No:29153100
  • HS Code:29153100
Product Image (26)

Feed Grade Zinc Oxide

Price: 90 INR/Kilograms
  • Purity(%):92.5%
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:5 Days
Product Image (283421)

Potassium Nitrate

Price: 60 INR/Kilograms
  • Chemical Name:Potassium Nitrate
  • CAS No:7757-79-1
  • Grade:Industrial Grade
  • Purity:98.0%
  • Type:Technical Grade
  • HS Code:283421
  • Molecular Formula:KNO3
  • Other Names:KNO3
  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:1 Days
Product Image (2817)

Rubber Grade Zinc Oxide

Price: 193 INR/Kilograms
  • HS Code:2817
  • Purity:99.6%
  • Usage:Paint/ pigment/ Ink compunding and zinc stearates, Treasd rubber, Rubber sheet, Conveyer belts, Auto parts
  • Shape:Other
  • Appearance:white
  • Ph Level:7.2
  • Color:White
  • Moisture (%):0.18%
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:5 Days
Product Image (29152910. )

Sodium Acetate Anhydrous

Price: 50 INR/Kilograms
  • Delivery Time:2-3 Days
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month
  • Chemical Name:Sodium Acetate Anhydrous
  • Type:Technical Grade
  • Main Material:Sodium Acetate Anhydrous
  • Usage:Pharma, Dyes
  • Grade:Industrial Grade
  • Application:Textile Industry, Toothpastes, Industrial
  • Ph Level:7.5 to 8.5
  • Classification:Inorganic Chemicals
Product Image (02)

Sodium Benzoate

Price: 82 INR/Kilograms
  • Delivery Time:5 Days
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month
Product Image (2817)

White Seal Platinum Grade Zinc Oxide

Price: 145 INR/Kilograms
  • Form:Powder
  • Chemical Name:Zinc oxide white seal
  • CAS No:2817
  • Shelf Life:3 Years
  • Grade:white seal
  • Product Type:Zinc Oxide White Seal
  • Purity:99.5%
  • Physical Form:Powder
  • Delivery Time:3 Days
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Month

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